iPattern周刊 3

1 谷歌地图公测WebGL API

谷歌开始公测Map JavaScript API WebGL,可创建新一代3D地图体验。

Maps JavaScript API WebGL测试版为Maps JavaScript API引入了新的WebGL功能,它为矢量地图增加了以下功能。

  • WebGL叠加视图让你在地图上添加自定义的2D和3D图形以及动画内容。

  • 现在可以通过编程以及使用鼠标和键盘手势来调整倾斜度和航向。

  • map.moveCamera()可以让你同时改变多个相机属性。

  • 缩放现在支持小数点值。

Welcome to the Maps JavaScript API WebGL beta! This release introduces new WebGL features for the Maps JavaScript API, which adds the following capabilities for vector maps:

Screen Shot 2021-05-24 at 12.13.57 AM

2 地理空间分析与可视化平台FSQ收购Unfolded

FSQ has acquired Unfoldedinc, a geospatial analytics and visualizations platform.

Foursquare(FSQ) is a location technology platform, inventing the future with developer tools, enterprise solutions, and consumer apps.


3 Threejs 市场上线

threejs has a market, today we release https://market.pmnd.rs Party popper

  • Right-pointing magnifying glass free minified/ready-to-use CC0 models/textures/hdris
  • Horizontal traffic light starters for threejs and react-three-fiber
  • Bust in silhouette accounts
  • Open mailbox with raised flag request assets
  • First place medal favorites
  • Electric plug api endpoint
  • Cloud CDN with caching
  • Package npm install assets soon

Screen Shot 2021-05-24 at 12.47.16 AM

4 Depix 一个开源马赛克复原工具

Depix is a tool for recovering passwords from pixelized screenshots.


5 数字艺术作品 Digital Art

3D Map




A Data Visualization of Modern Philosophy, 1950-2018





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